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17 Katy Perry Songs That Are Better Than ‘Roar’

She may be 0-4 because of her dispiriting taste in the male species, but Katy Perry knows a thing or two about throwing a party and a successful album together just in time for summer. It also helps that she’s allegedly dating the sorta-kinda-awkwardly-handsome DJ Diplo,  who I’m sure is not going to allow his Cupcake Queen to tank at the peak of her success.

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Even if it seems like she plagiarizes her lyrics from a thumb-sucking second grader, no one will question her winning streak unless they’re will to be clawed to death by her legion of Katy Kats. So in the spirit of all things involving whipped cream and sugary sweetness, we’re running down some of Katy’s most unsung tunes that have absolutely nothing to do with fireworks or swinging from trees (sorry, not sorry):

17. “Mannequin”

This was probably the most underrated song from One of the Boys.

16. “Hummingbird Heartbeat”

“You make me feel like I’m losing my virginity.” Umm… that’s one hell of an opening.

15. “Thinking Of You”

Best song to cry-sing to, am I right?

14. “Fingerprints”

Such an awesome tune. Would love to leave my fingerprints on a special someone. Oh! Didn’t see you there, Ryan Gosling.

13. “Waking Up In Vegas”

A Katy classic right here.

12. “Birthday”

It’s really cool to know she’s willing to risk her life to make everyday feel like our birthday, thanks Katy!

11. “International Smile”

I can already picture the Marilyn Monroe-esque video in the works.

10. “This Is How We Do”

If this one isn’t on your summer playlist already, you can’t sit with us.

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9. “Teenage Dream”

Did you really think I’d forget about everyone’s fave teen romance tune? Nevs!

8. “The One That Got Away”

More like, the three that ranaway.

7. “Hot N Cold”

No one makes a preschool chorus sound cooler than Katy.

6. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

Is anyone else still looking for Mr. Letterman from the video?!! I need a name!

5. “Not Like The Movies”

Still waiting on my Sixteen Candles romance story… six years and counting.

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4. “Unconditionally” 

This was one of her best ballads since “Thinking of You”.

3. “Part Of Me”

Not sure what the hell the whole G.I. Jane plot had to do with anything but let’s go with it anyway.

2. “If You Can Afford Me”

Loved this one when I was in high school. Little secret: Still do!

1. “Dark Horse”

Never wanted so badly for Katy Perry to come at me like a dark horse.

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