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Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran Are Dropping The Collaboration of Your Dreams

This news feels like it’s actually be too good to be true, but we’ll take it. According to his latest Instagram post, Ed Sheeran is releasing a duet with Beyoncé fpr his current single, “Perfect,” and it’s dropping like, ASAP. Is this actually happening?!

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Unfortunately, Ed didn’t share too much about their collaboration on Instagram, sharing a photo of the song’s single cover and writing, “got Beyoncé to duet with me on Perfect,” as you do when the legit biggest musician in the world agrees to sing on your track. But it’s definitely enough to get fans hyped, and fortunately, the wait is very, very short, since the song will be out at 7 PM EST.


Sheeran first revealed that he had something new in the works last week while talking to the UK’s Channel 4. In the interview, he said that something would be dropping soon and that it was a “big f*cking deal.” He didn’t confirm who the song was with, just that it would be a remix with another big artist. “I’m basically going to ‘Despacito’ Perfect,” he joked.

Well, “Despacito” is a total jam, so if this remix is like that one… well, he can pretty much count on some serious success.

This is hardly the first time these two have made music together. Not only did they perform a tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder together in 2015, but the same year, they also performed “Drunk in Love” side-by-side at the Global Citizens Festival. At this point, you could basically call them BFFs, and honestly, it’s hard to tell who we’re more jealous of — Beyoncé for being friends with Ed, or Ed for being friends with Beyoncé? It’s a toss-up. (Ed, though.)

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Needless to say, fans on both sides of the equation are already taking to Twitter to freak out about this, because like Ed said, it really is a big. f*cking. deal. This one sums up what everybody’s feeling right now pretty well, actually:

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The original version of “Perfect” is obviously flawless, so a version with Beyoncé singing, too, is destined to “***Flawless.” The word “remix” implies that we can expect a different twist to this song — you know, aside from the Lemonade legend on the track — so it should be really fun. We can’t wait to hear it later tonight… and then probably keep it on repeat for the next 24 hours… or more. Maybe they should just record an entire album together? It would sell millions.


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