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Remembering Christina Aguilera’s Many Style Phases

Here’s something that will make you feel very old: Christina Aguilera‘s “Genie in a Bottle” was released way back in 1999. That is almost 20 years ago, people. Since then, Christina has had a lot of new songs released. She has also had a lot of different looks.

Think back to her platinum blonde hair from her first album. You will, of course, remember the “Dirrty” phase with the zebra hair, piercings and those infamous leather chaps. Then there was her darker diva phase, and the many retro phases she has been through. And we’re just getting started. Rather than just talking about them all day, let’s look at her different fashion moments. Take a trip down memory lane by looking at Christina Aguilera’s style evolution:

17. American Music Awards, Los Angeles, 2000

This is pure “Genie in a Bottle” Christina. She has that icy blonde hair, soft makeup and the crop top. We’re not sure how many genies would actually pair a baby blue crop top with red snakeskin pants, but this was her version of genie dressing. It wasn’t mean to be too literal. And we so wanted to copy it. It was a shame that the local mall didn’t carry printed pants like this.

16. “Come On Over Baby” Video, 2000

Looking back, you can totally see how the “Dirrty” makeover happened. This hair is already hinting at it. However, this was still long before Christina became Xtina. She switched up her look for her “Come On Over Baby” video with the red and blonde hair, making everyone suddenly want lowlights. We also wanted super low-rise jeans and bejeweled hips, just like her.

15. World Music Awards, 2001

Hands up if you remember the Medusa look? If you don’t, it’s okay because it really was only seen at this award show. Her look was already getting sexier, clearly breaking away from her Mickey Mouse Club House days. There’s the lack of bra with this dress. What you cannot see from the photo is that there’s a massive slit at the side that exposes side boob and a hint of butt cheek. See? All the signs of “Dirrty” were there, people.

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14. KIIS FM Wango Tango Concert, 2001

It’s amazing what a difference only a year can make. We all remember the “Lady Marmalade” cover Christina did with Mya, Lil’ Kim and Pink. Everyone really got into the Moulin Rouge theme. That meant sexy lingerie, lots of hair extensions and even more makeup. For Christina, it meant crimped hair extensions, blue eyeshadow, red lipstick and coordinating lingerie.

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13. MTV Diaries Photo Shoot, 2002

The “Dirrty” phase just might be Christina’s most iconic. Suddenly she was known as Xtina and had black and white blonde hair extensions, multiple piercings and wasn’t wearing much of anything save for very low jeans or chaps that exposed her underwear. The look was for her album called “Stripped” and many did say that the style suited the name.

12. Dublin Concert, 2003

Christina’s “Dirrty” phase progressed to a darker side with her dyeing her hair all black. She ditched the long extensions with braids to a curlier hairstyle and started dressing in a lot more black. She was still doing the “Stripped Tour” so she didn’t leave the “Dirrty” look behind completely. There was still a sexiness to her looks and she kept the pencil-thin eyebrows.

11. MTV Europe Music Awards, 2003

If you were a fan of Christina’s retro look, you can see it starting right about now. Yes, there is still a lot of skin and tan from the “Dirrty” look, but there are some clear retro additions like the longer skirt, the red lipstick and the sleeker hair. It’s obvious when we look back at this photo now to see where it ended up. At the time, it felt like Christina jumped from one look to the next.

10. Music Video Production Association Awards, 2004

Hello, quick change. Gone is the sexy punk look. Instead, we were surprised with a sassy retro Christina who now favored slip dresses, red lipstick and pin curls. Yes, she still had the very bronzed tan from her former look, but we probably hadn’t seen her this covered up in at least a couple years.

9. Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2005

Hello, major princess moment. You can still see the retro influence in this look, but the inspiration decade has changed. She also broke away from the red lipstick and pin curls she had been wearing so much of for a softer pink lipstick and straighter hair. Spoiler alert: They would make a return.

8. Back To Basics Tour, 2007

If you remember a time when it seemed like the only thing that Christina wore was all-white suits with maybe a few sailor outfits, that was for her “Back to Basics” album. If you’re wondering what the basics were, it appeared that they involved being super glamorous. Christina grew her hair longer but kept the vintage curls and the red lipstick. Of course, she also kept the throwback vibe with her lewks.

7. Performing On The Today Show, 2010

We should have known that Christina would eventually do her spin on glam rock. She has had plenty of glamorous moments and she had that aforementioned dark phase. Here, we got a combination of everything. It was after her appearance in Burlesque when we started thinking of her character with the sandy blonde hair next to Cher and she wanted to make sure we knew who the real Christina was.

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6. American Music Awards Nominations Announcement, 2012

Like just about everyone, Christina fell for unicorn hair. Since her brief phase with auburn hair during the start of her retro phrase, her hair has almost been exclusively platinum blonde so this was a big hair change for her. It was also the first time we had seen colorful lowlight hair extensions since the “Dirrty” phase. Instead of reverting to the old look, she kept things glam with colorful clothes to match her mermaid hair.

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5. Samsung Mobile Launch Party For The New Samsung Galaxy Note II, 2013

Christina clearly loved the rainbow hair because she worked another version. This time, her signature platinum blonde locks had flaming red extensions added to the ends. As for the clothes, she mixed influences like a pro incorporating her Disney roots (hello, Mickey Mouse Club!), a sporty, hip-hop vibe with the hat and plenty of glam thanks to the shoes. You can take the girl out of the gown, but you cannot take the glam away from the girl.

4. American Music Awards, 2013

Christina has done a few different versions of retro diva, but it’s something we never get tired of seeing on her. When it works, it just works. She was projecting Marilyn Monroe vibes with this white dress, the full curls and red lipstick. However, it wasn’t a copycat look. The sexy cutouts and the diamonds were very Xtina.

3. Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2015

Christina has always been a diva. If you forgot for a second, this sleek outfit will make sure that you will never forget again. She is the definition of #slaying with the sleek ponytail, fitted white gown and all of the jewels. There’s still a nod to vintage glamour, but she has given it a modern, sexy edge with the supersized hoop earrings and the sheer splits on the dress.

2. Premiere of The Emoji Movie, 2017

This is our Christina we’re used to seeing on The Voice. She’s glam but she’s having fun. There’s also an element of unpredictably to it. That being said, there are still some classic details that have stood the test of time including the very light blonde hair and the red lipstick. You can also add her sassy attitude into that, too.

1. Stella McCartney Autumn Presentation, 2018

Is this the latest evolution of Christina? We’ll have to wait and see. We’ve seen her experiment with a number of different looks on The Voice, but there really hasn’t been anything like this. The year is just getting started so we will have to see how it will play out. That being said, we’re interested if she’s going to try this glam poet vibe.


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