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17 Jenny Slate Tweets That Prove You Should Be Following Her On Twitter

You may know Jenny Slate from some of her more well-known work like Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, Obvious Child or as the voice of a tiny shell with google eyes in Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. However, her true pièce de résistance is her Twitter account. Creating and maintaining an excellent Twitter presence is no small feat. Especially since celebrity accounts are usually ultra-censored and full of promotional content. Basically — they can be boring.

If you’re looking for tweets with honesty, humor, kindness, weirdness and occasional discomfort then you have to follow Jenny Slate. From day-to-day anecdotes to advice that may seriously change your life — her account has it all. Here are just a few highlights of Jenny Slate’s Twitter.

1. Her relatable moments of weakness

Sending out a hearty congrats to myself for eating my one-bazillionth potato chip! I’m from hell!

This tweet is great for so many reasons: not only does this tweet contain a classic “celebs-are-just-like-us” moment, “I’m from hell” is an incredible new way to end almost any sentence. Also something about the term “one-bazillionth” is hilarious. Honestly I challenge any mortal to eat just one singular potato chip without blacking out and then coming-to only to realize you’re on number one bazillion.

2. Her emotional connection with her dog

I took my dog to set w me at 4AM & he’s been furious with me all day& I just really need him to be supportive right now

How good is this? Not only did she 1) feel the need to bring her dog to set with her at 4 am but 2) acknowledged the present emotional tension in their relationship. Haven’t we all been offended by our less-than-supportive pets? It’s like when you make your dog come on a long car ride with you so you feel less lonely but he hates car rides and spends the whole time puking while staring at you through the rear-view mirror with a look of pure contempt. Just me?

3. Her artistic inspiration

One cool thing about art and being creative is that even thought we’ve made so much there is an infinity of things that have not been done ?

Obviously Jenny Slate is funny, but her twitter is sprinkled with these little nuggets of inspiration and whimsy that can change your whole perspective. This tweet is so simple in its logic but so amazing to really think about. You can make anything. Anything! So many things haven’t been made yet! If this doesn’t make you want to draw, write, sing, dance or papier-mâché something then I don’t know what will.

4. These lovely reminders

It is lovely to show someone you love them by asking about what small things they did in their day, to show that you are trying to see them?

Here’s another one of her tweets that makes you feel all happy and gooey inside. Such a genuine and pure reminder that emotional vulnerability is underrated and important! How often do we really inquire about and genuinely care about the things our loved ones did on any given day? Not enough, that’s how much! Do this for your friends, your significant other and the guy who makes your latte every morning!

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5. Her relatable rage


In just 140 characters Jenny was able to summarize her rage towards current political events, while also describing a boy that all of us have probably dated at one point in our lives. There are so many good adjectives to choose from in this tweet and all of them convey such genuine exasperation that I hear this tweet in her voice. P.S. seriously considering getting “NOT GOOD ENUF FOR U” tattooed on my face.

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6. This relatable temper-tantrum

in a fussy mood&my mom is asking me about sofas & I just said U GUYS JUST NEED TO SIT ON SOME STUFF& it came out wrong but I can’t go back

TBH the thought of a Jenny Slate shouting “YOU GUYS JUST NEED TO SIT ON SOME STUFF” at her mother in a furniture is also just comedic gold. But the best part about this tweet is how real it is. We all have those moments of frustration and less-than-flattering emotional displays that we inevitably feel silly about. Who hasn’t acted like a cranky toddler around their loved ones only to immediately realize it’s too late to go back?

7. This commentary on a strange encounter

lady across from me is forcefully muttering F**K U repeatedly to no one. What’s it like to be THAT dialed in? Im an actress what’s yr secret

These slice-of-life tweets are just so good. She’s super great at describing this sort seemingly-insignificant but—upon later reflection—super bizarre situations. Plus the fact that rather than being judgemental, she’s genuinely impressed by this woman’s ability to channel her rage with such focus. Does anyone else feel like it could be super therapeutic to just go in public and curse everything with reckless abandon?

8. Her automobile-related struggles

No joke no joke my car is broken bc (and I quote the man at the dealership) “ITS TOO MESSY& IT CANT BREATHE”

OK is it just me or is bringing your car in to get fixed SUPER stressful? The mechanics always talk to me like I know nothing about cars (which I don’t but they don’t know that!). Nothing like that feeling of judgement from the mechanic when they notice the menagerie of half-finished iced coffees, muffin wrappers, gym clothes, TUMS bottles (just me?) and other garbage permeating on the floor.

9. Her Lyft experiences

Congrats to my lyft driver for not even considering giving one

I honestly don’t know where to begin unpacking this one. Stuff like this happens every day — but her commentary is just too damn good. I want her to make a movie about this Lyft driver. I can’t decide if I relate more to Jenny having a bizarre Lyft experience, the driver who has completely given up, or the smushed traffic cone trying super hard to do its job. All in all, a great tweet.

10. Her sage dating wisdom

I guess Id love it if some men would watch Beauty &The Beast just to make sure that they’re NOTHING like Gaston GUYS ITS TRICKY LOOK CLOSELY

GASTON IS THE WORST. Obviously we shouldn’t be taking cues for our love lives from Disney movie but making sure a guy is as non-Gaston as possible is essential. I think all future love interests should be required to fill out a questionnaire: Do you enjoy hunting? Do you hate women who can read and write? Would you consider storming a castle and murdering the Beast out of pure jealousy? These are things worth knowing! If a guy can relate to Gaston in any way it should be a big ol’ red flag.

11. Her eye-opening realizations

what I dont get about the BYE BYE BYE vid is: Is puppetmaster gal their COLLECTIVE gf? Also know its 2017 but this is coming up for me 2day

If it weren’t for this tweet I would have continued living my life, blissfully unaware of how truly strange that NSYNC video is. Why has this never come up before? Why did this never seem super weird until right now? She’s really asking the difficult questions! Does this puppet master lady symbolize each of their individual significant others? Or are the boys all a packaged deal when it comes to dating? Someone please answer this. Justin Timberlake, we need you!

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12. She makes hilarious fart jokes

thank goodness someone just ripped a major egg fart in this non-moving security line bc I DIDNT KNOW HOW ID DIE&NOW ITS LIKE MYSTERY SOLVED

This tweet is just further proof that Jenny Slate is a certified wordsmith. The phrase “major egg fart” is straight-up hilarious and if you didn’t LOL at this you’re 1) no fun or 2) lying. Yes, everyone knows that farts smell bad but the way she described this scenario makes it feel like we’re really there, about to experience fart-induced death.

13. Her new ‘tude

coolest part of 2nite was when I was describing my new creative ‘tude to @SarahRuthTaylor & I said SPREAD MY LEGS instead of SPEAD MY WINGS?

Verbal mix-ups can be embarrassing, but this one is a work of art. Plus, the emoji usage at the end of this tweet is A+ in conveying that feeling of regret when you realize you’ve completely word-barfed and there’s no going back. But we’ve all been there—sometimes you just need to make a change, find a “new creative ‘tude” and spread your legs.

14. Her incredible response to road rage-induced misogyny

Old man in car behind me keeps calling me a bitch. Shld I knock on his window&tell him “the patriarchy is dying yet Im more alive than ever”

Okay I lied, I want “the patriarchy is dying yet I am more alive than ever” for my next tattoo. Or on a bumper sticker, which would be even more appropriate in the context of this tweet. You can’t keep us down, old men in cars.

15. Her body art inspiration

Which tattoo should I get “I ACTED CRAY CUZ U MADE ME FEEL CRAY” or the classic “YOUR KILLIN ME SMALLS” w an arrow pointing at both titties

Are you not convinced yet? Because this is one of the most well-crafted tweets in the world. “I acted cray cuz u made me feel cray” is gold. Like, how many times have you felt totally invalidated and that you’re acting crazy just because someone is treating you poorly? She just gets it! Plus, the tattoo pointing to “both titties” in the conclusion of this tweet rounds it out perfectly.

16. This vivid description of her subconscious

Last nite I dreamed of a silent horse w tiny little eyes all down the side of its face CANT WAIT 2SEE WHAT ATROCITY AWAITS IN 2NITEs SLUMBER

Creepy but hilarious AF. The description of this terrifying, million-eyed, silent horse is enough to keep me up at night. If anyone knows what this dream could mean please send your interpretations along.

17. This tweet that would warm even the most frigid of hearts

Guess what? U can take a minute, (when u go to the bathroom even) to make up a tiny, tidy lil prayer of love for yrself& say it out loud ?❤

UGH. Amongst all her hilarious anecdotes and musings, this tweet summarizes what is so great about Jenny Slate’s account—wit, charm and sincerity. Does this not make you feel fuzzy inside?! It’s so refreshing to see celebrities (especially comedians) being vulnerable and sensitive. Try actually doing this though, it may seem silly but we all need a little self-love.


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