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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Took The Worst Selfie Ever With Hillary Clinton

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met Hillary Clinton yesterday at her fundraiser in Los Angeles. Before we talk about the weird selfie the three of them took together, let’s get some other weirdness out of the way. The fundraiser was apparently held at the home of Scooter Braun. Yeah, that Scooter Braun. The Scooter Braun who’s Justin Bieber’s manager. I get that Hillary wants to seem hip and in tune with the youth, but there’s a line you do not cross. That line is the threshold of Scooter Braun’s door.

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But back to the matter at hand. Kim posted the above selfie to her Instagram last night, captioning it thus:

“I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident.”

Of course, she originally wrote #HillaryForPresisent but deleted it and reposted with the correct spelling. I’m sure Hillary appreciates that Kim supports her for the prestigious position of presisent, but unfortunately that’s not what she’s running for.

Kim, on the other hand, must be running for the position of Worst Selfie-Taker, because what the hell is going on with that photo? Half of her own face is cropped out and Kanye is photobombing from a weird angle. This woman has an entire book devoted to selfies she’s taken, and she can’t even get a simple three-shot right. For crying out loud, Bradley Cooper took that Oscars selfie sans selfie stick and got a dozen celebrities in it! Kim can’t even get all of her and Kanye’s eyes.

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But I’m sure Kim will insist she meant to take the photo like that for some aesthetic reason we just wouldn’t understand. Remember when she was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and she took terrible selfie after terrible selfie with him? She said at the time that sometimes she likes to show only half her face. Girlfriend, you’re not taking self-portraits for an art exhibit; you’re posing for a selfie with Hillary Clinton.


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