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Taylor Swift’s Reputation Leaked Online and Fans Are Split

Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated album, Reputation, has been leaked online just one day before its release date! After months of being kept tightly under wraps, it seems like the singer’s efforts did not work out in her favor. It’s very safe to say that T. Swift will NOT be happy about this. Let’s not forget the fact that it was leaked in the U.K. after a record store played the album over the weekend. Oops.


3 days until #reputation

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Nov 7, 2017 at 6:52pm PST

There was also her tracklist leak. However, Taylor took matters into her own hands and shared it herself. Who knows how she’ll handle her album being leaked, but she’s going to have to think fast before everyone gets their hands on it. Either she releases the album ahead of time or she sues the heck out of the person who leaked it in the first place. Something tells us she’ll do both.

While it might seem like NBD — it’s just one day early — more recent reports stated that T.Swizzle wouldn’t be putting the music on streaming services for a whole week after its release… meaning only the dedicated fans willing to actually buy the album would get to listen to it immediately. Now, of course, Taylor’s plan has been foiled.

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Naturally, fans had a lot to say about the leak – and the reviews are mixed!

The Upset Fans

yall criminal bitches ready to be sent to prison by miss taylor swift for downloading reputation leak? pic.twitter.com/1boQUOPgla

Lady Gaga (@GagaChapel) November 9, 2017

People leaking reputation, obviously you’re talentless and lifeless. We know y’all are closeted Taylor Swift stans after all. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

— Taylor Swift Facts (@TSwiftFCT) November 9, 2017

🖕🖕Me blocking EVERYONE WHO LEAKS LITERALLY ANYTHING NOT OFFICIALLY RELEASED. 🖕🖕 #SWIFTIES Don’t do that guys, seriously – it’s not funny? In fact its very disrespectful to @taylorswift13 #REPUTATION #reputationera pic.twitter.com/PiZSPxwBpz

— ConfettiHeartSwiftie (@CHeartSwiftie) November 9, 2017

If you love Taylor Swift you won’t leak #Reputation & won’t beg it to be leaked either. Stay true, stay loyal. Pissed off😤😤

— Sholay Kid (@Ayamang) November 9, 2017

I’m so upset right now! I’m seeing leaks everywhere! Why can no one just respect Taylor?! They wouldn’t do that to their own idol so why to @taylorswift13 we need to stop this! 😭😭 CAN YOU NOT WAIT 12 MORE HOURS?! #reputation @taylornation13

— Zayd Swift (@zaydswift13) November 9, 2017

i don’t know if i should listen to the reputation leak or not, i already preordered it but i know i will feel guilty if i listened and taylor wouldn’t like it uhm decisions

— wolves (@selciety) November 9, 2017

Please delete it.Taylor worked hard for it.If you are really a fan,you should respect her decision and never do anything disappoint her.

— 昝齉爨 China (@wyh1113) November 9, 2017

What’s wrong with sone Swifties? Why’re they supporting leaked? We all have been waiting for 3 years long and @taylorswift13 worked hard for a long time .. now we’re just a few hours away from Reputation! Why so impatient? Plz wait .. just a few hours! #Repuation

— Khunsan ❤️ Taylor (@augustine_khun) November 9, 2017

The Happy Fans

#LEAK Taylor Swift grabando #Reputation pic.twitter.com/O50xWEho19

— masochism 🦂 (@99Prxblxms) November 9, 2017

Taylor Swift would leak when I’m at work and I can’t join in on the fun until at least 7 😭😭

— Lizzie McGuire (@Lissie_McGuire) November 9, 2017

Found the Taylor Swift album leak and do not care one bit that it comes out in less than 12 hours, ya girl is listening to it ALL RIGHT NOW

— L A U R E N (@laurendennehyy) November 9, 2017

so i am currently jamming to taylor swift reputation album leak

— putricia (@skywalkerwhore) November 9, 2017

i can’t believe i ever doubted taylor swift….

— ariane (@hadidswift) November 9, 2017

Taylor Swift album leaked? There’s a “Look What You Made Me Do” joke in here somewhere, isn’t there? #reputation

— Javier E. David (@TeflonGeek) November 9, 2017

Then there are people who hate it already

Well, the one thing I can say about @taylorswift13‘s #Repuation is that I won’t have to pretend to hate it while listening on the DL. It’s legitimately awful. #messy #petty #noise

— Bradley (@bradleys47) November 9, 2017

What the Music is Like

From those who have taken the time to listen (and truly risked getting sued by Taylor’s team for downloading the pre-released music), Reputation is nothing like Taylor’s other music. Apparently, there is a definite EDM feel to it — and sounds inspired by other artists like Lorde and Imogen Heap. We just can’t wait to dissect the lyrics and find out who each track is about!

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