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7 Ways To Meet Someone This Summer, According To Matchmakers

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, summer has to be the best time of the year to fall in love meet someone new. The weather’s nice, there’s a seemingly endless amount of outdoor events and activities to participate in, and a lot of people just like to be out of the house. So if finding love or even a just a summer fling is on your agenda for the upcoming months, opportunities to make that happen are everywhere.

“Summer can be a great time to meet someone and develop a casual fling into a serious relationship,” Jaime Bernstein, a D.C.-based senior matchmaker at Three Day Rule tells us. “This time of year is full of unique ‘meet- cutes’ due to all the seasonal events, concerts, festivals and road trips. So seize chance encounters and don’t be afraid to approach someone that you find attractive.”

A recent survey conducted by Match.com found that “falling in love” is the number one summer bucket list item for a majority (83 percent) of singles this year. So it’s not too surprising that popular dating apps like Tinder see spikes in activity during the summer months. While dating apps are a super easy way to meet new people, it’s summer! You can easily swipe for a date at any time of the year. Besides, who isn’t a sucker for a real-life meet-cute? Scrolling through all the duds to find your one true love doesn’t quite epitomize romance.

So here are seven expert-backed ways to actually meet someone this summer. No swiping necessary.

1. Pursue A New Activity

“My number one tip for meeting people is to pursue a new activity or interest that will bring you into contact with people more than once,” Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, Toni Coleman tells us. You’ve probably experienced this before. Being repeatedly exposed to the same people can help you form friendships and attractions in the way meeting someone one night at a party can’t. It’s why work crushes tend to happen. “You also get to interact around the shared interest and if it’s a sport, you get to play together,” Coleman says. “Nothing helps us to form bonds than shared play.”

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If you don’t have any idea of what you want to pursue, check out a hobbies and interest site like Meetup.com. You can find different things you can do locally that might interest you from book clubs to hiking to wine tasting and so on.

2. Take Advantage Of Local Events

Even if you’ve gone to the same local events for years, there’s always going to be new people to meet. So don’t write off going to those outdoor concerts, fireworks, or picnics in the park. Bigger crowds of people mean more opportunities to meet someone.

“The key here is to be present,” Coleman says. It’s easier said than done with everyone Instagramming and Snapchatting every second of their lives. But you can miss the chance to make connections with people around you if you’re caught up in what’s happening on your phone. So wherever you go this summer, be open, friendly, and enjoy what the world has to offer you IRL.

3. Go Out Alone

If you read that and thought, “OMG, no way!” as matchmaker, Susan Trombetti actually encourages it! “You wouldn’t be taking your friend with you on a job hunt or an interview, would you? So why take your single friends out to the local bar with you?”

The thing is, your friends can totally work as great wingwomen. But the tendency is to stick to what’s going on with you and your friends at the time. In doing so, you’re not opening yourself up to the people and the possibilities around you. So don’t be afraid to go out alone. Of course, be safe about it. But don’t let the anxiety of going out alone in a huge crowd prevent you from meeting new people.

4. Stick To Happy Hours And Low-Key Bars

“Going to the bar that’s packed with drunk people usually will only result in a hookup instead of actually meeting someone,” Trombetti says. So unless you’re really just looking for a hook-up, be mindful of when and where you’re trying to meet someone.
If you also happen to like the vibe or flow of a certain low-key bar, stick to it. Try to get out there every week or so, especially by yourself. You might see the same people over and over again, and you never know what might happen from there.

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5. Let Your Friends Set You Up

Even if you’re not a big fan of getting set up, it might be worth your while. “Each of your friends have connections that you don’t know,” Trombetti says. “It is always good to get out there and network. So even if you’re only stopping by that BBQ for an hour or two, it may be worth it! You never know who your friend might invite or who one of their guest’s may bring!”

6. Make It A Thing To Say “Hi” Or Smile To At Least Five People A Day

Wherever you go, keep that positivity up and smile. “The law of cause and effect dictates that what you put out and comes back to you,” Rhonda Milrad, relationship therapist and founder of online relationship community, Relationup says. “So, putting out a positive, welcoming vibe will result in others responding to you in the same manner.” (No, we do not expect you to look as elegant as this stock-image woman does.)

7. Be Bold And Do You

“Once you’re out doing what you enjoy, take a few risks and talk to new people,” Jonathan Bennett, certified counselor and relationship coach tells us. “If you’re in a fun, laid back environment, most people would be happy to talk to you. Some might even want to get to know you better. If you create enough of these connections, it could easily lead to romance.”

Summer is full of all kinds of possibilities. So open to each and everyone and don’t be afraid to go after what you want.


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